Single & Mingle

Are you tired of traditional dating? Then this party is for you! I am sure that you have a single friend who has a single friend who has a single friend looking for love. Well invite your single friends to this social to mix and mingle and maybe find love. We will provide a creative and fun way for you to meet new dates and get personal character references from their friends without going out on a potential unnecessary date! We cater to all singles and have special options available for the Jewish community and Christian singles.





Masquerade Parties

Have you ever wanted to do something different but didn’t know what?  Well our team of event planners can provide you the best masquerade party! Dress code! Masquerade Balls began in Venice, Italy, and date back to the 15th century. Traditionally, they were elegant and formal occasions—celebrations for royal weddings & events tied to the Venetian Carnival. Today, obviously, a masquerade party doesn’t have such a stuffy Renaissance dress code (and if it did, you’d be paying a fortune for your gown!). The outfit you choose really depends on who you are and the particular occasion. Is this a sweet sixteen, a best friend’s wedding reception, or Vogue Paris’ 90th Anniversary Masked Ball? No matter the occasion, a masquerade is all about mystery and intrigue. It reminds me of the countless chick flicks where the nerdy girl arrives fashionably late to the soirée and, à la Cinderella, all eyes are fixed on her at the top of the stairway. The belle of the ball always has that wow factor.



    Totally 80’s Party

     Need a totally 80’s party, contact us and we can help.


Spiced Up Party

Need a little spice in your life? Let us help you throw a spiced up party!


 We Can Create your Adult Party

But it’s your party, so should your guests be the only ones enjoying themselves? They might be if you’re exhausted by the planning and preparation, then distracted by last minute details and duties. You could give a new meaning to the term “party favor,” and do yourself one – by getting some help!

Pynk Prestige Event Planning can assist you with everything from creative concepts to catering, ordering to follow up, staging to execution. Our established relationships with local vendors will help you assure quality and value. And our professional support and unobtrusive presence will free you up to host your party in a way that leaves you with the same pleasant memories as your guests’.



​Anniversary parties are such a fun way to celebrate your marriage milestones!!  Pynk Prestige Event Mangement loves  creating parties that reflect the journey you, as a couple, have taken through the years in a personal an touching way! Your guests will enjoy going down memory lane with you and of course have the time of their love, while you fall in love a little more along the way.

Baby Showers

​Let us “Rock” a-bye your baby shower! Pynk Prestige Event Mangement has the “formula” for creating the perfect party to celebrate your bundle of joy. This is truly a special time for the mother and father to be and a new phase in their lives. Why not celebrate? Whether your style is sweet and cuddly, bottles and booties or cocktails and cradles, your party planner will make that day unique and special whatever theme you choose.


​Happy Birthday to you…. We love birthdays, especially with a theme! Let us Pynk Prestige, your party planner, take something you love and turn it into a personalized birthday party that shows who you or the guest of honor is and what they are about. Your friends and family will enjoy celebrating the life of the birthday girl or boy and you will remember this event forever!

Sweet 16s

​Alright, so you child is turning 16!!! They are growing up and fast, so why not make a memory? Surprise your 16 year old with a fabulous party filled with great food, dancing, birthday cake and lots of fun activities. We cater the event to your child’s interests and favorite things and they leave a very excited and happy teenager! Their party will be the talk of their friends for the months to come as “The Best Party Ever”.

Graduation Parties

Graduation Parties are a celebration of your graduate’s accomplishments and future endeavors. It’s a time when family and friends want to share memories and wish the graduate good look. what a better way to do that than throwing a party.

Dinner Parties

​Dinner Parties are an intimate way to celebrate friendship, promotions, special occasions or FOOD!! We have amazing chefs that can prepare a special menu for any occasion you would like to celebrate.Pynk Prestige Planning will take care of decor, linens, invitations, etc. and help you select the perfect menu for your party. Bon Appetit!






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